Great wedding ideas that make your wedding day unique

Great wedding ideas that make your wedding day unique

One of the most important events for any couple is their wedding day. It is why making that moment unique and special is so important. Today, thanks to social media and websites catering to weddings, it is easier to do than ever before. A lot of these ideas to make your wedding awesome are great for several reasons. The best part about them is that some of them are inexpensive and don’t require too much effort or time.

Provide Pre-ceremony Drinks

Most weddings don’t provide drinks to their guest until after the reception. By offering light beverages to them as they are heading into the ceremony, most will be pleasantly surprised.

Originally Created RSVP Cards

A great way to tell others about your personality and that of your partner’s is by making original RSVP cards.

Hire A Live Canvas Painter

Impress your guest and keep a canvas painted memory of your wedding at the same time with this idea. Using a live wedding painter who can capture the right moments is awesome.

Make Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are not only easier to make, they are also a lot less messy than confetti. You can create them in any theme or color you desire.

Upgraded Welcome Bags

Nothing will make your wedding guest feel more special than receiving tote bags with a personal touch. Fill them with gift certificates, personal notes from both of you or mini bottles of liquor and bubbly.

Make A Wedding Wheel

Much like a wheel of fortune, you can have your very own wedding wheel. Place fun things for the guest to do as well as for you and your mate. You can even add a prize of some sort.

Extravagant Transportation

For couples that can afford it, this idea will be one that all guess will remember. This is great for people who are planning on transporting their guest to the reception from the ceremony. Use hot air balloon rides, yellow school buses or something along those lines to shuttle them.

Paint Balloon Splashed Painting

This is a great idea for couples who are random and unique in their style. Filling up balloons with paint of different colors and attaching them to a canvas renders amazing results. Have your guest shoot darts at them. Bursting them will create an amazing and memorable painting.

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