Top destinations for swingers

Open minded couples travel just like any others do, perhaps even more. The only difference is that they are swingers and not monogamous. Since traveling all around will generally lead to meeting new people, swingers love to do so. Plus, they get to see new exciting places. Still, finding the right spots for swinging couples is a bit more difficult. After all, most open minded couples will want more freedom when it comes to sexually related options.

Swingers are people who are sometimes married or in serious relationships with another person. But they still enjoy having sex with other couples or an individual. It could be beach sex or group sex. Some of them like voyeurism or exhibitionism while others are into orgies. There are those who enjoy full swaps and some who only do soft swaps. To get a better idea of what goes on when swingers get together, swinger porn videos provide a glimpse. Many of them tell the story of what takes place in resorts such as these. Or when swinging couples get together for group sex or couples sex.

Finding places that allow you to roam nude or even have sex in public for instance, are factors to consider. For the most part, most swinging resorts or destinations are for adults only. That means no kids or young teens. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people are having sex in plain view. Only that they are places where adults who are open minded can be more free to do what they please. Below are some of the best destinations for swingers which take all of those things into account.

La Mirage Swingers Complex – Location = Gran Canaria, Spain

Looking at this hotel from the outside will make anyone think it is just like any other. It has a restaurant, bar, outdoor pool and several other amenities. However, once you look closer things become a lot clearer. La Mirage Swingers Complex is an adults only facility. Although not required, some couples have sex in public. Wearing clothes is optional and there’s a beach close to it where you can roam nude. Swingers clubs are also nearby and condoms are given out for free. By the way, the Vera Playa Club Hotel, which is located in Andalucia, Spain, is also another swinger resort to checkout.

Hedonism II – Location = Negril, Jamaica

Swingers all over the world recognize this vacationing spot. That’s because they have been around since the 70s. The rooms are two-bedrooms with a beautiful view of the ocean. This adults-only resort will let couples have the time of their lives. Other lovebirds are available to join or for you to see them get busy.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort – Location = Mexico

In this resort, things tend to get heated at all times of the day. Located in Cancun, this swinging resort has a beach which is secluded for privacy. The night club where clothing is optional, is also known to get wild and raunchy. A whirlpool tub located on the rooftop accommodates up to 30 swingers.

Rooftop Resort – Location = Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At only 5 minutes away from Hollywood Beach, this resort is conveniently located in the heart of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In addition to a swimming pool, the are many other amenities couples will enjoy. The beautiful rooms have a view of the ocean and sandy beaches. Lots of beach sex takes place in this spot where some of it can be seen in swinger porn content.



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